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日本茶道體驗課 Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop

日本茶道體驗課 Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop

想要多瞭解什麼是正宗的裏千家日本茶道? 想學習如何點一碗抹茶? 想知道日本茶道的精神? 來參加我們的日本茶道體驗課,讓我們來揭開日本茶道的神祕面紗! 10月5日(三)2pm – 5pm 或者 10月8日(六)2pm – 5pm Interested in knowing authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony?

Eager to learn how to make a bowl of Matcha in the right way?

Longing to know the spirit of Japanese Tea Ceremony? Come join us in this Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop to unveil the mystery of Urasenke Japanese Tea Ceremony! Oct 5th (Wed) 2pm – 5pm; or Oct 8th (Sat) 2pm – 5pm 體驗課內容有:薄茶點前示範、學習點抹茶、講座「日本抹茶道的待客之道」、講解「裏千家日本茶道課程」、問答環節 Workshop content: Demo of Urasenke Japanese Tea ceremony; Learn how to make Matcha in traditional way; Seminar “The Way of Treating Guests in Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony”; Briefing on “Urasenke Japanese Tea Ceremony Course Structure”; Q&A session. 講師爲日本京都裏千家園綠會研習,現爲裏千家茶道準教授。 Lecturer was trained at Midorikai of Urasenke Gakuen in Kyoto, Japan. He is a qualified lecturer with the title Jyunkyo. 欲知更多詳情,請私訊或Whatsapp +60122111642或電郵 hibiscus.academy.kl@gmail.com。 地點:大紅花學館,吉隆坡敦李孝式路182-1A號 For more info, please PM or contact Whatsapp +60122111642/ hibiscus.academy.kl@gmail.com Venue: HIBISCUS ACADEMY, 182-1A, Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. #japaneseteaceremonycourse #japaneseteaceremony #urasenke #日本茶道課程 #茶道課程 #裏千家日本茶道課程 #裏千家茶道課程

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