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粵語羣班課程 2024年3月學期Cantonese Group Classes – March 2024 Intake

粵語羣班課程 2024年3月學期

Cantonese Group Classes – March 2024 Intake



We are offering three types of Cantonese group classes for March 2024 intake:



課堂A: 粵語課程 基礎級別A1.1 。


(A) Cantonese Basic Level A1.1 - For those who can read and write Chinese characters but have zero basic or extremely weak foundation of Cantonese. This course will be conducted in Chinese characters and learners get to learn reading and writing Cantonese.



課堂B: 粵語課程 中級級別B1.1 。


(B) Cantonese Intermediate Level B1.1 - Suitable for those who can handle daily conversations in Cantonese, but want to systematically learn Cantonese grammar and vocabulary so that they can speak Cantonese more accurately. Learners joining this class must be able to read and write Chinese characters.

課堂C: 粵語會話 基礎級別A1.1。

適合粵語基礎零或極弱的人士。 在本課程中,學習者無需學習粵語的書寫和閱讀。 不需認識漢字。



(C) Cantonese Conversation Basic Level A1.1 – For those who have zero basic or extremely weak foundation of Cantonese. In this course, learners are not required to learn the writing and reading Cantonese. Knowledge on Chinese characters is not required.




• 增進文化理解

• 粵語地區交流

• 商貿工作機會

• 個人專業網絡

• 提升旅遊經驗

• 接觸粵語媒體

Benefits of learning Cantonese:

• Cultural understanding

• Communication in Cantonese-speaking regions

• Career and business opportunities

• Personal and professional network

• Travel enhancement

• Access to Cantonese Media




There are also one-on-one lessons for basic, elementary, intermediate and advanced Cantonese classes, please inquire separately.


歡迎詢問 Please contact: 

WhatsApp +60122111642;

地址:HIBISCUS ACADEMY 大紅花學館 + 吉隆坡廣府學社

Address : 182-1A, Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

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