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裏千家秋季茶會 暨 日本茶道體驗課 🍵🍵🍵Urasenke Autumn Tea Gathering & Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop





11月25日(五)7pm – 9pm 或者 11月26日(六)10am – 12pm

Interested in knowing authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony? Eager to learn how to make a bowl of Matcha in the right way? Longing to know the spirit of Japanese Tea Ceremony?

Come join us in this Japanese Tea Ceremony Workshop to unveil the mystery of Urasenke Japanese Tea Ceremony!

Nov 5th (Fri) 7pm – 9pm; or Nov 26th (Sat) 10am – 12pm



Workshop content:

Demonstration of Urasenke Japanese tea ceremony (chado) on tatami; history of chado and culture; autumn theme decoration (utensils, calligraphy scroll, sweet and tea); Explanation of the items use for making matcha; Technique of tea whisking; Appreciation of tea bowl, chabana (tea flower arrangement), incense art; Q&A session; Guest etiquette.





Ms Naoko Nakabayashi (Tea name: Sochoku) has been a student of the Urasenke Tradition of Tea since 1973. In those 47 years, she has shown mastery of the Urasenke curriculum and was awarded the kyoju (full instructor) teaching qualification, one of the highest levels of the Urasenke teaching system. The kyoju certification is reserved to those tea instructors that show mastery of the fundamentals of the Way of Tea, a great deal of experience in Urasenke instruction, and possess the ability to impart the Tea traditions truly and faithfully to her students. With this qualification, Ms. Nakabayashi is able to evaluate and recommend individuals to the level of junkyoju, also a very high-level instructor certification and sign of dedication and mastery.

欲知更多詳情,請私訊或Whatsapp +60122111642或電郵。


For more info, please PM or contact Whatsapp +60122111642/

Venue: HIBISCUS ACADEMY, 182-1A, Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

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