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The Guardian – Cantonese Teaching 守護者 – 粵語教學

The Guardian – Cantonese Teaching 守護者 – 粵語教學

Our founder, Lew Voon Khong, is selected as one of the “Guardians” of our nation by ASTRO AEC documentary for Malaysian Independence Day and Malaysia Day, in his effort to promote, teach, and preserve the language of Cantonese.

我們的創辦人劉文康致力於推廣、教授和保護粵語,被ASTRO AEC的國慶紀錄片系列選為我們國家的「守護者」之一。

The pictures are taken from the ASTRO AEC "Guardian" series. It was aired on October 1st and can be rewatched multiple times on ASTRO ON DEMAND. Thank you to Yellow Production for the filming.

圖片摘於ASTRO AEC 『守護者』系列。10月1日已經播出,可於ASTRO ON DEMAND多次重看。多謝椰樓映畫製作拍攝。

In this section of the documentary shown by the images above, Lew said that:

“What is the uniqueness of us (Kuala Lumpurites, compared to Malaysia or other Chinese areas)? One of the very important features is that we can speak Cantonese... It is not entirely due to the influence of Hong Kong that we started to speak Cantonese. It started much earlier in the late 19th century when Cantonese was being used - it had gradually become the mainstream language. The influence of Hong Kong's entertainment industry actually came after the 1960s… (after describing some local terms that have been developed in Malaysian Cantonese for more than a hundred years) … so local Cantonese is a language born in Malaysia. It's our language, it's not a foreign language, so it's really our identity symbol. So, after understanding this part, I feel that I have a greater mission to maintain our use of Cantonese. Because this is our specialty!"


​「我們(吉隆坡人,相較於馬來西亞或其它華人地區)的特色是什麼?其中一個很重要的特色就是我們會講廣東話…它又不是完全是因爲香港的影響,我們這裏的人纔流行說廣東話。我們一早在19世紀末的時候,粵語的使用 – 它已經慢慢開始變成主流。香港娛樂圈的影響,其實是在1960年代過後,那時候纔來的… (描述了一些一百多年來馬來西亞粵語本土發展出來的一些用語後)所以廣府話,它是我們馬來西亞土生土長的語言。它是我們的語言,它不是一個外來的語言,所以它真的是我們的身份象徵。所以瞭解了這一個部分以後,我會覺得我是更有這個使命,要維持我們粵語的使用。因爲這是我們的特色!」


If you would like to learn Cantonese, please contact us.


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