Basic Thai A1.1

  • Thai Language Course (Basic – Elementary) Year 2019


    (a) Timetable:


    Every Wednesday, 7:00pm - 9:30pm

    (No class on Public Holidays for Kuala Lumpur)

    12 lessons of 2.5 hours, total 30 hours


    First Intake: March 2019

    Level Offered:  Basic Thai A1.1


    14 March – 30 May 2019


    Second Intake: June 2019

    Level Offered: Basic Thai A1.1, Basic Thai A1.2


    26 June – 11 Sep 2019

    Third Intake: September 2019


    Level Offered: Basic Thai A1.1, Basic Thai A1.2, Elementary Thai A2.1


    25 Sep – 11 Dec 2019



    (b) Venue: 182-1A. Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000, Kuala Lumpur. (direct opposite of the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, upper floor. Entry from the side corner)


    (c) Course Fee: RM 500

    Material Fee: RM 100

    Total: RM 600


    Registration after deadline: additional RM 50 (for extra cost in material delivery and course preparation)


    (d) Teacher is a Thai native speaker. Possesses relevant degree in language teaching. (guaranteed)


    (e) suitable for those who are interested to learn Thai for business, daily conversational and cultural learning purposes. This course is communication-centred.


    Please fill in the registration form and make all fees payable to: LEW VOON KHONG, Public Bank: 4-4106019-13. Please send the bank slip to


    Registration deadline:

    March Intake: 22 Feb 2019

    June Intake: 27 May 2019

    Sep Intake: 2 Sep 2019




    Please fill in the registration form and make all fees payable to: HIBISCUS ACADEMY, Public Bank: 3812949105. Please send the bank slip to


    Class will only be commenced when there are minimum 6 students. If the class cannot be started due to insufficient number of students, the class commencement date will be delayed for maximum one month to see whether there will be any other students joining. If the class cannot be started, all the fees will be refund to you.





    Basic Thai A1.1 – 40 hours

    Basic Thai A1.2 – 40 hours

    Elementary Thai A2.1 – 40 hours

    Elementary Thai A2.2 – 40 hours


    Basic Thai A1.1




    Thai alphabets, Tones, Thai Writing, Basic Courtesy Expression, Self-Introduction, Classroom Language, Numbers, Nationality, Language, Personal Descriptions, Make Comparisons, Personal Information about Living Arrangements, Telephone Number, Thai names, Professions etc.

    Basic Thai A1.2




    Order food, Preferences, Making requests, Thai Eating Etiquette, Time, Daily Routines, Making Appointments, Days of the Week, Months, Dates, Season and Weathers, Location in Town, Distances, Directions, Modes of Transportation etc


    Elementary Thai A2.1


    Topics: Clothing and Colours, Thai Fruits, Leisure Activities, Make Telephone Calls, Talk about Body Parts, Illness, Clinic and Hospitals etc


    Elementary Thai A2.2


    Words and Expressions related to Mishaps, Asking for help, Give warnings, Banking Transactions, Posting and Shipping, Planning a Trip, Thai Tourist destination, Weather, Make reservation for a trip etc.


    Thank you.



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