1) Friday Evening, 7:00pm - 9:30pm


Semester: 14 June - 27 September 2019 (June Intake)

(Total 40 hours)


No class on Public Holidays for Kuala Lumpur.

Venue: 182-1A. Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000, Kuala Lumpur. (direct opposite of the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, upper floor. Entry from the side corner)

Teacher: Native Italian speaker with at least undergraduate linguitics/language/education academic qualification (guaranteed)


What you will learn in this semester?


Grammatical points:

Il pronomi relativi che, cui, il (la) quale, stare + gerundio/stare per + infinito, Comparazione tra due nomi o pronomi/aggetivi/verbi/quantita, Superlativo relativo di aggettivi, Forme particolari di comparazione, Il passato remoto (verbi regolari e irregolari), il trapassato remoto, Avverbi di modo


Social topic (and related vocabulary)

Soldi e lavoro, Curriculum Vitae, Lettere e email formali, L'econimia Italiana, In vaggio per l'Italia, Citta Italiane, Storia d'Italia

Intermediate Italian Course (Friday Evening)

  • (c) Course Fee: RM 850 
    Material Fees: RM 150 (for existing students who have already had the textbook and workbook, just pay RM 50 for the material fees. We use Progetto Italiano 2 as the teaching materials. However, please check with us whether you are having the latest edition)

    REGISTRATION:Please fill in the registration form and make all fees payable to: HIBISCUS ACADEMY, Public Bank: 3812949105. Please send the bank slip to hibiscus.academy@gmail.com.Class will only be commenced when there are minimum 6 students. If the class cannot be started due to insufficient number of students, the class commencement date will be delayed for maximum one month to see whether there will be any other students joining. If the class cannot be started, all the fees will be refund to you.