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Secondary School

Tuition: Courses

English, Malay, Chinese

& Chinese Literature​

We're language specialists

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We focus on providing tuition for language courses. If you have difficulties in studying your language subjects, this is the right place for you to improve your results in languages. You need a more specialised programme to help you!

​If you are already quite good in language subjects, do join us too! Our systematic programme will help you maintain and improve your results! 

Our teaching enhances:
1.Grammar – Grammar is the foundation of a language. Without a correct understanding of grammar, it is impossible to produce a piece of good writing. 
2.Language sense – By attending our lessons, students have more opportunity to practice the language.
3.Comprehension – Students understand problems better with the explanation of our experienced teachers.
4. Content – Without good content, it is difficult to get good results in writing and speaking tests. It is therefore our aim to increase general knowledge in our lessons.

Form 1 - Form 5: English, Malay, Chinese

Form 4 - Form 4: Chinese Literature (this is an additional subject to be taken in SPM if you are really interested in Chinese culture, history and literature)

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我們是語言科專家   語言是我們的專業

Student in Library


1.    語法:語法是語文的基礎,如果學生不能明白語法的運用,就不能寫出好的文章。
2.    語感:學生在課堂上運用語文交流和解決問題,增加語文的使用,也增強了語感。
3.    理解:通過經驗豐富的老師解釋,學生可以在較短的時間內瞭解課文和問題。
4.    內容:很多學生的寫作和會話因爲缺乏內容,顯得空洞。在我們的補習科可以讓學生增加更多時事和常識,使內容更加充實。


​中四和中五:華文文學 (這是SPM額外科目,如果你對中國文學、歷史和文化感興趣,可以報考。)

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