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Apa khabar?

Malay is an interesting language: it is the national language of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei and one of the Top 10 most spoken language in the world. 

It is also a living anthropological evidence of the history of the Malay world: starting as an Austronesian language, it has accepted and adapted a huge amount vocabulary from Sanskrit during the Buddhist-Hindu era, then Arabic and Persian after the advent of Islam. Trace of Chinese-influenced words are also found due to the immigration of Chinese. There are also loads of European loanwords in the Malay language due to the colonial past in the Malay world.

In Hibiscus Academy, we offer Malay language tuition to cater the needs of school students ranging from primary to secondary schools. Other than that, we do conduct private and group class for foreigners or adults who are interested in learning Malay.

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Malay Course in Hibiscus

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Malay Course for School

Suitable for primary school children from 7 - 12 years old, and secondary school students from 13 to 17 years old. Preparation for school and government exams such as UPSR, SPM, and international exam such as IGCSE/GCSE, O Level/A Level etc.

Group and private lessons available.

Contact us for more info.

Malay Course for Adults

Suitable for adults 18 years old and above. The course is designed according to MQA-recognised syllabus, ensuring that it is up to standard.

MQA is Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

Group and Private Courses available. 

Contact us for more info.


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