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In our Thai language course, you will learn this familiar yet mysterious language step by step with systematic approach. The tones, alphabets and writing are to be taught at the beginning stage of the course so that students know the building blocks of the language, before proceeding to more complex conversational or sentence structure.

Cultural workshops are also included in the course, such as Ramvong Dance class and TomYam Soup cooking class. Definitely, you will learn lots of Thai pop and folk songs in our class!

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Thai Course in Hibiscus

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Our Thai Course

We have a systematic approach in teaching Thai language. This course includes not only conversation, but also reading and writing Thai alphabets. Thai tones are taught at the beginning of the course. 

Group class levels offered:

Basic Thai A1.1 – 40 hours
Basic Thai A1.2 – 40 hours
Elementary Thai A2.1 – 40 hours
Elementary Thai A2.2 – 40 hours

Higher levels are only offered when there is demand or by request.



Native speaker and/or teacher with relevant academic qualification (guaranteed)

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Cultural Activities

In every semester of our Thai language course, we will at least have one cultural session, for example Ramvong Dance, Thai Cooking session.

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