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Language Group Classes for Adults – Main Semesters in Year 2024


Language Group Classes for Adults – Main Semesters in Year 2024

Benefits of learning language in a group class:

1. Social interaction

2. Increased motivation

3. Diversity of perspectives

4. Peer support

5. Collaborative learning

6. Structured learning environment

7. Role playing and simulation

8. Cost-effective

9. Enhanced listening skills

10. Fostering a sense of community

However, if you cannot adjust to the time of a group class, then perhaps you have to consider one-on-one lessons.

Benefits of one-on-one lesson:

1. Personalised attention

2. Customised curriculum

3. Focused feedback

4. Adaptability to learning style

5. Efficient use of time

6. Greater speaking opportunities

7. Increased confidence

8. Flexibility of scheduling

9. Deeper understanding of cultural nuances

10. Goal alignment

11. Efficient progress monitoring

12. Intensive focus on weak areas

13. Confidentiality and privacy

Other languages available in one-on-one learning mode:

French, Korean, Persian, Hindi etc.


If you are interested to know more about the details on the above language courses, please contact:

Whatsapp: +60122111642


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