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廣東話課程 Cantonese Language Course

廣東話課程 Cantonese Language Course

基礎羣體班1月學期 Basic Level (January 2024 Intake)



• 增加說粵語的自信

• 瞭解粵語獨特發音

• 學習粵語特有詞彙

• 深入探究粵語語法

Suitable for learners with zero basic knowledge and weak Cantonese foundation

• Increase confidence in speaking Cantonese

• Understand the unique pronunciation of Cantonese

• Learn Cantonese-specific vocabulary

• An in-depth exploration of Cantonese grammar



• 增進文化理解

• 粵語地區交流

• 商貿工作機會

• 個人專業網絡

• 提升旅遊經驗

• 接觸粵語媒體

Benefits of learning Cantonese:

• Cultural understanding

• Communication in Cantonese-speaking regions

• Career and business opportunities

• Personal and professional network

• Travel enhancement

• Access to Cantonese Media



There are also one-on-one lessons for basic, elementary, intermediate and advanced Cantonese classes, please inquire separately.


歡迎詢問 Please contact: 

WhatsApp +60122111642;

地址:HIBISCUS ACADEMY 大紅花學館 + 吉隆坡廣府學社

Address : 182-1A, Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

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